Apulo Calabrese

Native Name Apulo Calabrese
Local Name Suino nero di Calabria, Nero Calabrese, Calabrese, Nero abruzzese, Nero calabrese, Nero dei monti Dauni meridionali, Nero dei monti Lepini, Nero di Capitanata, Nero lucano, Nero maremmano, Nero pugliese, Nero reatino, Pugliese, Nero sabino


Origin and distribution

Origin Calabria region (Southern Italy)
Regional focus


Characteristic features

Milk yield
Colour Plain black
Ears Large, droopy type


Population development

Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
No. of breeding males 1829 877 1162 1516 1107
No. of breeding females 2322 1370 1622 2080 1827
Females registered in herd books 2322 1370 1622 2080 1827



♂ Males ♀ Females
Ø Hight at withers (cm) 72-82 71-79
Ø Weight (kg)



Special performance Strong resistance to illness, as well as the ability to procure food thanks to their strong inclination to grazing, zoo-technical adaptability to very different climatic conditions, high rusticity, and energetic temperament
♂ Males ♀ Females
Ø number of litters/year
Ø litter size 1; 6,19; 16
Ø number of weaned piglets 1; 5,58; 14
Ø daily weight gain (gramm)
Ø feed conversion ratio


Marketing concept

national, regional, local marketing

Typical products

  • salsiccia
  • soppressata
  • capocollo
  • pancetta


Famers Association

ANAS – Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Suini



Purchase possibilities