Native Name Bísaro
Local Name Bísaro


Origin and distribution

Origin north Portugal

Trás-os-Montes, Minho, Beira Litoral, Beira Interior and Ribatejo

Regional focus Trás-os-Montes, Minho, Beira
Interior, Beira Litoral


Characteristic features

Milk yield
Colour plain or patchy greysh blue
Ears extra large, droopy, projected forwards
Special Hair – depending on environment short, long, dense, sparse


Population development

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
No. of breeding males 258 267 304 392 390 529
No. of breeding females 2319 2521 3000 3665 4400 4870
Females registered in herd books 2319 2521 3000 3665 4400 4870



♂ Males ♀ Females
Ø Hight at withers (cm) 97 89
Ø Weight (kg) 180 150



Special performance Excellent raw material to transform in quality traditional smoked products. Excellent fresh meat quality and technological meat quality. Very resistant, Very Adaptable, Very good prolificacy, Excellent mother instinct
♂ Males ♀ Females
Ø number of litters/year
Ø litter size                       (min; avg; max)
5; 11; 21
Ø number of weaned piglets 4; 8,5; 16
Ø daily weight gain (gramm)
Ø feed conversion ratio

Marketing concept

mixed market/subsistence orientation targeting the international, national, regional, and local market


Typical products

  • Carne de Bísaro Transmontano; Carne de Porco
  • Alheira de Barroso-Montalegre
  • Alheira de Vinhais
  • Butelo de Vinhais ; Bucho de Vinhais ; Chouriço de Ossos de Vinhais
  • Chouriça de Carne de Barroso-Montalegre
  • Chouriça de Carne de Melgaço
  • Chouriça de Carne de Vinhais ; Linguiça de Vinhais
  • Chouriça de sangue de Melgaço
  • Chouriça Doce de Vinhais
  • Chouriço Azedo de Vinhais ; Azedo de Vinhais ; Chouriço de Pão de Vinhais
  • Chouriço de Abóbora de Barroso-Montalegre
  • Presunto de Barroso
  • Presunto de Melgaço
  • Presunto de Vinhais / Presunto Bísaro de Vinhais
  • Salpicão de Barroso-Montalegre
  • Salpicão de Melgaço
  • Salpicão de Vinhais
  • Sangueira de Barroso-Montalegre


Famers Association

Associação Nacional de Criadores de Suínos de Raça Bisara (ANCSUB)


Purchase possibilities