Native Name Porc Gascon
Local Name Noir de Bigorre


Origin and distribution

Origin Midi-pyrenees region
Regional focus


Characteristic features

Milk yield
Colour plain black
Ears semi lop ears which are oriented forwards


Population development

Year 1980 1996 2000 2010 2015
No. of breeding males 3 13 70 126 150
No. of breeding females 34 71 401 1025 1310
Females registered in herd books 34 71 401 1025 1310



♂ Males ♀ Females
Ø Hight at withers (cm) 75 75
Ø Weight (kg)



Special performance Intramuscular fat content, fatty acid composition; adapted to dry products, Adapted to outdoor breeding
♂ Males ♀ Females
Ø number of litters/year
Ø litter size                   (min; avg; max)
1; 8,1; 16
Ø number of weaned piglets 0; 7,3; 14
Ø daily weight gain (gramm)
Ø feed conversion ratio


Marketing concept

fully market oriented, international, national, local


Typical products

  • Most important: dry ham
  • Secondary niche products: dry sausage, chorizo, fresh and dry loin


Famers Association

Association des éleveurs de porcs gascons des Hautes Pyrénées


Purchase possibilities