Senojo tipo Lietuvos baltosios

Native Name Lietuvos baltosios senojo genotipo (Lithuanian White old genotype)
Local Name Lietuvos baltosios


Origin and distribution

Origin Nucleus in the central part of Lithuania, separate animals in all country
Regional focus


Characteristic features

Milk yield
Colour Plain white
Ears Small (21 cm)


Population development

Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
No. of breeding males 20 13 19
No. of breeding females 60 72 110 68 96
Females registered in herd books 60 72 110 68 96



♂ Males ♀ Females
Ø Hight at withers (cm) 92.07±1.03 79.98±0.51
Ø Weight (kg) 299±8.34 212±4.43



Special performance Comparative evaluation showed lower cholesterol content in LD muscle and more favourable n6/n-3 PUFA ratios in IMF and in subcutaneous tissue compared with conventional hybrids
♂ Males ♀ Females
Ø number of litters/year
Ø litter size 2; 9,6; 18
Ø number of weaned piglets 1; 7,7; 18
Ø daily weight gain (gramm)
Ø feed conversion ratio

Marketing concept

National market and search activities exist for niche market

Famers Association

Animal Science Institute of LUHS

Purchase possibilities