Management Structure


Phenotypic and genetic characterization of regional autochthonous pig populations in Europe


Management and perfomance of local pig breeds in their production systems


Traditional and new high quality pork products with regional identity


Consumer preferences and market research for sustainable pork chains


Measures to maximise impact



The structure consists of three major management levels:
Governance level – represented by the General Assembly and the Project Coordinator. The Management Office will support the whole structure.
Operative level – represented by WP Leaders.
Transversal level – represented by the Scientific Committee, the Ethical Committee and the Quality Control Committee.
The Management Structure is composed of:
  • General Assembly is the decision-making body of the project and is chaired by project coordinator. It is composed of one representative per partner. General Assembly takes all strategic decisions.
  • Project Coordinator is in charge of all legal, administrative and financial matters and supervises the overall progress of TREASURE. The Coordinator represents the main contact-point between project partners and EC (REA).
  • Management Support Team assists Project Coordinator in daily activities.
  • Scientific Committee is composed of the scientific leaders of the work packages. Its role is to supervise scientific aspects and exploitation of the results of TREASURE. Jointly with the General Assembly it will guarantee that IPR are properly addressed and respected.
  • Ethical Committee is composed of 3 members. Its role is to ensure proper carrying out of animal experiments and handling of biological samples and genetic data. Ethical committee will also monitor the communication strategy of the project and its results, and address emergent issues.
  • Quality Control Committee is composed of 5 members nominated from the partners. It is responsible for the internal control of the progress of TREASURE work plan, to identify tasks or partners at risk and to suggest corrective actions.