Aim of the project

is to improve the knowledge, skills and competences necessary to develop existing and create new sustainable pork chains based on European local pig genetic resources (local breeds), which correspond to the highest consumer demands for quality and healthiness of pork products, and to the societal demands regarding animal welfare, environment and rural development.

Main objectives:
  • Analyse the phenotypic and functional properties encompassed in local pig genetic resources (breeds), esp. untapped, and development of DNA tools for authentication, traceability, conservation and breeding programs (activities under WP1).

  • Acquire knowledge on pig nutritional requirements, use of locally available feeding resources, innovative feeding and management strategies and environmental impacts of pig production systems (activities under WP2).

  • Build up quality/healthiness attributes of regional pork products in line with consumer demands including innovations in traditional products to meet healthy requirements, and identify links between intrinsic qualities and production systems (activities under WP3).

  • Perform a cost/benefit analysis at different levels of the chain and for the society, and research of market potential and strategies for regional high quality products (activities under WP4).

  • Efficient transfer of knowledge and expertise along the chain partners, general public and policy makers, creation of platform for functional networks within/between regions and sectors, creation of new (umbrella) collective trade mark for the products (activities under WP5)