Dissemination of results to actors of de Bigorre (NB) pork chain, 29th January, 2019, Louey

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Dissemination of results to actors of de Bigorre (NB) pork chain, 29th January, 2019, Louey

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On 29th January, 2019 scientific staff of INRA and IFIP involved in the TREASURE project presented results of the project to actors of Noir de Bigorre (NB) pork chain (breeders, president of NB breeders association; technicians, Director and President of NB chain; processors), and to the president of ANSPG (the other association of Gascon pig breeders) at Louey, France.

All research activities of TREASURE project in which INRA and/or IFIP was involved, were presented to Noir de Bigorre actors:

  • General introduction : presentation of TREASURE project (B. Lebret)
  • Genetic diversity of local pig breeds (M.J. Mercat et al.) – related to WP1
  • Genetic and phenotypic diversity of european local pig breeds (B. Servin et al.) – related to WP1
  • Presentation of phenotypic database (H. Lenoir et al) – related to T3.4
  • Influence of pig finishing season and feeding resources on the quality of products from the Noir de Bigorre chain (B. Lebret et al.) – related to T2.5 & 3.2
  • Consumers’ expectations and hedonic evaluation of traditional pork products from a local breed (B. Lebret et al)- – related to T3.3
  • From environmental assessment to the multicriteria evaluation of the Noir de Biogrre production system (F. Garcia-Launay et al) – related to T2.2 & 4.1
  • Economic assessment of social demands for key characteristics of the Noir De Bigorre chain (L. Brossard et al.) – related to T4.2
  • Strategies of valorization of the Noir de Bigorre pork products (J. Faure et al) – related to T4.

All presentation files (French language) are available here until 28/02/2019

All actors of Noir de Bigorre chain showed strong interest for this meeting (1 full day), with participation of around 50% of the farmers of the pork chain. Each presentation was followed by many questions arising from the audience, leading to interesting discussions with scientists regarding the results presented and future prospects.